Xandra is leaving Con Brio, Farewell show Feb. 22nd


Dear Friends,

We have some sad news to share with you: Xandra Corpora is leaving Con Brio. While we’re sorry to lose her, we support her decision and wish her all the best. Xandra has written a personal note to all of you; If you care to, please take the time to read it below.

We will have a farewell show at The Independent in San Francisco, on February 22nd. We hope you can be there. Our good friend Justin Ancheta will be opening.

Get your tickets now, so you don’t miss this last concert with our inimatble lead singer:

Now, this is not the breakup of the band.  It has always been a group project and the four remaining Brios (Jonathan, Andrew, Mike & Micah) will keep the funk alive – with some new blood to carry on the torch. We care too much about the music we’ve all created to leave it be.

We expect you will hear from us again, not too far in the distant future. In the meantime, we will use our facebook page to share with you our many individual musical adventures. Please check in from time to time if you’d like to follow up with what we’re doing.

We look forward to seeing you at the Independent.

Much love,
Con Brio


Dear Friends & Fan-mily,

Lend me your attention for a brief, and rather serious moment if you would.

During times of turbulent, revitalizing change, the bravest versions of ourselves manifest.  Adrift upon a sea of love, confronted by a crowd of smiling, radiant faces, we might find ourselves turning deeply inwards to re-evaluate the path we follow.  It is not out of thanklessness, nor selfishness that these moments occur, for we have all experienced them.  But it is out of an allegiance to something greater than ourselves that we must, from time to time, take a step back, and perhaps even, a step away from our situation, to reassess our purpose.

I, Xandra Corpora, have been your faithful, singing, guitar-playing, booty-shakin mamma jamma for the past 4 years as proud member of Con Brio.  I have been blessed through my experiences with this project, forming truly life-changing connections with y’all during this time.  These connections, and the experiences I’ve had playing my songs for you, have shaped me as a performer, as a person, and added infinite layers to the little heart that beats inside my chest.  With a thousand books, and a million symphonies, I could not convey the gratitude I have to everyone for giving me the gift of this experience.

I am here now, at this point in my life, where I must change course.  I have dedicated myself fully to the creation and propulsion of music, and y’all have been alongside me the entire way.  And in this time, I have come to realize many facets of myself that now guide my life path.  As a result, I am taking a step back from Con Brio to pursue other, non-musical goals.  Rest assured that I will continue to sing and write music until the day I die.  Music is an affliction, and all us musicians are infected, forever stalked by the muse.  And we’d have it no other way.

As for the rest of Con Brio, the future is, as of now, a bit uncertain.  So stay tuned!  I feel truly blessed to have had such gifted, driven collaborators, and wish them a truckloads of success.

But as for me, I’m out.  February 22nd, 2013 is my “Farewell and I LOVE YOU” show at our beloved Independent in San Francisco.  Opening the evening will be our dear friend Justin Ancheta and his incredible band.  Please come send me off, wish me luck, or yell at me if you so wish.  Just be there!!

And thank you.  I am leaving this band, yes.  But I carry every song, every note, and all of your love inside my soul.  For reals.

With the Utmost Love and Gratitude,


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